Nanostics is a clinical-stage precision health company developing novel and minimally invasive diagnostic tests to bring clarity to healthcare decisions.

We designed a novel liquid biopsy platform technology called ClarityDX® that combines a highly sensitive extracellular vesicle (EV) detection platform with advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms to determine disease states from any fluid in the body.

The ClarityDX® Platform is designed to
measure the patient’s disease state.
Detecting biomarkers for disease in biofluid samples
shows that the patients’ cells are expressing
organ-specific and disease-associated proteins.
Biomarker diagnostic tests are essential for diseases and disorders where there are:
  • No diagnostic tests developed.
  • Diagnostic tests that are highly sensitive but not disease-specific.
  • Genetic screening tests that can identify gene mutation(s) associated with disease but cannot determine if the patient has or will develop the disease.

Our bodies use tiny messengers called extracellular vesicles to communicate throughout the body. At Nanostics our novel platform technology deciphers these messages to better diagnose disease. We’re validating a new test that accurately diagnoses clinically significant prostate cancer from a few drops of blood.

Dr. John Lewis
Dr. John LewisCEO of Nanostics

Our lead product, ClarityDx Prostate is a highly accurate test that assists in predicting clinically significant prostate cancer and improves prostate healthcare decisions.  We have validated ClarityDX Prostate in a 3448-patient clinical study designed to meet regulatory approval.

Our success is possible thanks to the support of our many Canadian and international collaborators, funders, and partners.