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Press Release: Nanostics Announces New Member of Board of Directors

November 17th, 2022|Article|

Edmonton, Alberta – Nanostics Inc., a precision health diagnostics company, announced today the appointment of Aubrey Rankin to its Board of Directors. Mr. Rankin will join the board of directors at Nanostics replacing Mr. Reg Joseph as one of the independent directors for the company.

“We’re excited to announce Aubrey Rankin’s appointment to Nanostics’ Board of Directors. Aubrey’s vast experience and insights with patient-provider subscription platforms will be invaluable as we launch our lead prostate cancer diagnostic test, ClarityDX Prostate®,” said John Lewis, CEO of Nanostics.

Nanostics sends thanks to outgoing board member Reg Joseph, CEO of Health City, for his service. Reg’s insights into the Healthcare Industry were instrumental in helping Nanostics advance its lead diagnostic product, ClarityDX Prostate® through clinical studies and position it for regulatory approval.

News Release: Recognizing 10 years of philanthropic support for prostate cancer research

October 13th, 2022|Article, Press Release|

Two powerhouse researchers in prostate cancer will change the way we treat the disease, thanks to funding from legendary volunteer fundraisers, the Bird Dogs and the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Working with the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the University of Alberta, the Bird Dogs have enabled a new one-term, five-year chair position to further prostate cancer research — the Bird Dogs Chair in Translational Oncology, a position to be held by researcher Dr. John Lewis. For the last 10 years, Dr. Lewis has held the Frank and Carla Sojonky Chair in Prostate Cancer Research, made possible by a $5 million endowment from the Bird Dogs. Taking over from Dr. Lewis in this position will be surgeon-scientist, Dr. Adam Kinnaird.

Press Release: Nanostics Receives CE Mark for its ClarityDX Prostate® Test to Detect Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer

August 23rd, 2022|Article|

  • Nanostics’ biomarker and machine learning-powered test, ClarityDX Prostate®, received a CE-IVD Mark.
  • A CE-IVD Mark is required for all in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices to be placed in the European Economic Area, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein and allows Nanostics to market and sell ClarityDX Prostate® in these countries.
  • The ClarityDX Prostate® test provides patients and physicians with an accurate prediction of clinically significant prostate cancer to support decision-making and improve health outcomes for men suspected of having prostate cancer.

Press Release: Nanostics Announces the Launch of its Bladder Cancer Clinical Study Identifying Disease Predictors for Early Detection of Bladder Cancer

July 20th, 2022|Article|

  • Clinical study launched in June 2022 with patient recruitment in Alberta with plans to expand to further sites across North America.
  • The aim of the study is to validate a novel and minimally invasive liquid biopsy test for bladder cancer diagnosis using Nanostics’ ClarityDX® diagnostic platform.
  • The study is supported in part by the Alberta Innovates AICE-Concepts Program with a $600,000 award to Dr. John Lewis, Bird Dogs Chair in Translational Cancer Research at the University of Alberta.

Press Release: Nanostics Announces Study Data Supporting ClarityDX Prostate as a Reflex Test to Predict Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer

June 30th, 2022|Article|

Real-world data shows that at a 94% sensitivity level for prostate cancer ClarityDX Prostate® is 147% more specific than the PSA test for predicting clinically significant prostate cancer. Using ClarityDX Prostate® as a reflex test vs. PSA test alone could have resulted in 37% fewer unnecessary biopsies.

Nanostics Re-Opens ClarityDX Prostate Clinical Study with New US Recruitment Site

June 16th, 2020|Article|

PR: Nanostics announced the re-opening of their clinical validation study testing ClarityDX Prostate in a real-world setting. The study is also greatly benefiting from further expansion into the US with the addition of a new patient recruitment site at an award-winning United States clinical research institution. ClarityDX Prostate is a novel liquid biopsy test for the early diagnosis of clinically significant prostate cancer. Nanostics is excited to work with this Partner to reach the recruitment numbers and diversity goals of the clinical study.

Webinars / Technical Notes

November 3rd, 2022|Event, Webinar|

CanPath Webinar with Dr. John Lewis


Webinar: Predicting diseases through machine learning models

Date: Tuesday, November 22. 2022. New date TBD – please check back for updates.
Venue: Online – for more details and to register go to Event Link
Can Machine Learning models predict disease? Dr. John Lewis,  Bird Dogs Chair in Translational Oncology at the University of Alberta,  and CEO of Nanostics will talk about creating disease prediction models using CanPath questionnaire data, to help us understand the global risk factors of diseases like prostate cancer and how these risk factors differ for different populations.

Liquid biopsy EV analysis with small particle flow cytometry

June 4th, 2022|Event, White Paper|



Small particle flow cytometry using 3 light scatter detectors enhances extracellular vesicle analysis in liquid biopsies, highlighting the potential to segregate EVs by refractive index

Pink, Desmond,  Basu, Arghya, Valencia, Juliana, Pham, Diana, and Lewis, J.D.

Extracellular vesicle analysis using “small particle” flow cytometry would be greatly enhanced if data from materials of different refractive index (RI) could be segregated. Likewise, relative sizing of EVs using small particle flow cytometry is confounded by the influence of RI on light scatter. Beads of different composition and refractive index scatter light differently, so that small beads of high RI and large beads of lower RI can have overlapping signals on a two dimension light scatter plot. As particle size decreases, light scatter intensity profiles eventually merge regardless of refractive index. In this project, we aimed to demonstrate graphically, (1) the enhancement of EV flow analysis when using an additional angle of light scatter collection (medium angle of light scatter, MALS) to identify different sample components (e.g. lipids, protein, extracellular vesicles) and (2) the practical reality of sample component overlap at different particle sizes.

Nanostics CSO Desmond Pink will be presenting this work at CYTO 2022, June 3-7, in Philadelphia, US.
Empowering Scientists. Advancing Cytometry.

Antibody titration for flow cytometric analysis of Extracellular Vesicles: Are cell based protocols up to the task?

October 6th, 2021|Webinar|

Date: 06/10/2021

Time: 10:00 am

Venue: Watch on Demand Now by clicking on the Address Button

Desmond Pink, CSO Nanostics

Why is ANTIBODY TITRATION critical to the success of any flow cytometry experiment?

In this webinar, Desmond Pink will investigate and report on antibody titration considerations for EVs, including sample concentration and processing, conjugate decisions, event triggering, platform differences, data processing and analysis, and real-world examples that highlight when antibody titration is necessary.

White Paper: Performance Qualification for MicroFlow Cytometers: Understanding technical limitations to improve your research

July 6th, 2020|White Paper|

As microflow cytometry matures toward clinical applications for extracellular vesicle (EV) analysis, a concerted effort to improve reproducibility has begun. The new MISEV and MISEV MISEV-Flow guidelines are critical to enabling this reproducibility.



BioAlberta Recognizes Alberta Innovators and Entrepreneurs at 2018 Awards Gala

September 24th, 2018|Achievement|

CALGARY, Alberta — At its 2018 awards gala, BioAlberta, the province’s life sciences industry association, recognized two leaders for their innovation and achievements. BioAlberta congratulates Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. for winning its Company of the Year award and Dr. John Lewis for winning its Scientific Achievement and Innovation Award.


August 29th, 2018|Achievement|

Dr. John Lewis is the winner of the University of Alberta-TEC Edmonton Falling Walls Venture Competition which earned him entrance to the Falling Walls Finale Competition (the International Conference on Future Breakthroughs in Science and Society) which will be held in Berlin this November. Some travel expenses will be paid for.

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