EDMONTON, ABJune 5, 2024 /CNW/ – Nanostics Inc., a precision health company developing diagnostic tests with its ClarityDX® platform technology, is thrilled to announce today that men can now provide blood samples for its ClarityDX Prostate test at LifeLabs collection sites across British ColumbiaSaskatchewan, and Ontario.

ClarityDX Prostate uses biological data, clinical information, and machine learning models to generate a risk score for aggressive prostate cancer, marking a significant advancement in prostate cancer screening. It provides critical support to men and their healthcare providers in making more informed decisions about whether to proceed with a biopsy or not following a high prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test result.

“We are very happy that we can now bring a powerful tool in prostate cancer screening to men and their healthcare providers in BC, Saskatchewan, and Ontario“, said Dr. John Lewis, CEO of Nanostics and Bird Dogs Chair of Translational Oncology at the University of Alberta. “When a doctor orders this test for their patient, they will receive accurate information about his risk of aggressive prostate cancer, helping make informed treatment decisions and avoid unnecessary invasive prostate biopsies.”

ClarityDX Prostate is available in British ColumbiaSaskatchewan, and Ontario as a laboratory-developed test from Nanostics Clinical Laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta. In these provinces, tests are ordered, analyzed, and reported to the prescribing healthcare provider by Nanostics.

Go to www.nanosticsdx.com for more information and to order ClarityDX Prostate. Please direct all inquiries about the ClarityDX Prostate test to Nanostics via email at info@nanosticsdx.com or telephone 1-800-672-2027. ClarityDX Prostate is also available in Alberta from Nanostics as well as in Quebec from CDL Laboratories.

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