ClarityDX® technology can be used to predict disease.

The diagnosis and management of chronic diseases is a significant challenge and burden to healthcare systems globally.

At Nanostics, we diagnose diseases using our ClarityDX platform. The platform uses proprietary and non-proprietary disease specific biomarker data in biofluids, such as blood or urine. Proprietary biomarkers are ones Nanostics has identified as important for disease prediction. These biomarkers are carried on extracellular vesicles (EVs). EVs are continuously released from cells and are in most biological fluids including blood, urine, semen, and cerebrospinal fluid. Nanostics uses microflow cytometry to quantify EV size, concentration, and marker abundance for millions of EVs in minutes.

Nanostics also utilizes non-proprietary biomarkers found in biofluids.

Advanced machine learning algorithms are then used to analyze the combined biomarker and clinical data sets to provide rapid and precise results that continuously improve with every test.

The machine learning platform ClarityDX is set to transform the diagnostic landscape and make easy-to-use, minimally invasive predictive tests a reality.