Liquid biopsy EV analysis with small particle flow cytometry


Small particle flow cytometry using 3 light scatter detectors enhances extracellular vesicle analysis in liquid biopsies, highlighting the potential to segregate EVs by refractive index

Pink, Desmond,  Basu, Arghya, Valencia, Juliana, Pham, Diana, and Lewis, J.D.



Extracellular vesicle analysis using “small particle” flow cytometry would be greatly enhanced if data from materials of different refractive index (RI) could be segregated. Likewise, relative sizing of EVs using small particle flow cytometry is confounded by the influence of RI on light scatter. Beads of different composition and refractive index scatter light differently, so that small beads of high RI and large beads of lower RI can have overlapping signals on a two dimension light scatter plot. As particle size decreases, light scatter intensity profiles eventually merge regardless of refractive index. In this project, we aimed to demonstrate graphically, (1) the enhancement of EV flow analysis when using an additional angle of light scatter collection (medium angle of light scatter, MALS) to identify different sample components (e.g. lipids, protein, extracellular vesicles) and (2) the practical reality of sample component overlap at different particle sizes.

Nanostics CSO Desmond Pink will be presenting this work at CYTO 2022, June 3-7, in Philadelphia, US.
Empowering Scientists. Advancing Cytometry.

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Be where the future is. Be at INVENTURES 2022


Inventures June 1-3

What: Nanostics is one of 5 finalist startups and CCO Colin Coros will be pitching for our team at the Game-changing Health Pitch Session.

When:  June 2, 11:15 am-12pm

Where: Calgary Convention Centre, Hall E. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

UPDATE: Wow! The Inventures 2022 Startup Gamechanging Health Pitch Winner is…Nanostics with CCO Colin Coros pitching! Thank you #Inventures2022 for an excellent pitch session with a super lineup of Startups and awesome conference – it was great to see everyone in-person!



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STARTUP TNT Life Sciences Summit Finale



Date: Thu, March 17, 2022 at 3:30 PM – 7:30 PM MDT

Venue: Online and in-person for more details and to register go to Eventbrite.

5 Pitches. 1 massive Zoom party. 4 in-person afterparties.

CCO Colin Coros will take part in the pre-game show: “Get to Know the Investors, What’s Happening in Life Sciences Anyway, and Why I’m Building It Here”

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Invest in the West presented by Amplitude Ventures


Date: Thursday, March 10, 2022

Venue: Virtual – click on the Address button for tickets and agenda

Nanostics COO Catalina Vasquez will be presenting in the Diagnostics, Digital Health, Medical Devices, Technology session.
#InvestWest will bring stakeholders in the #lifesciences sector together with investor-ready companies for a day of presentations and valuable discussions.

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Riyadh Global Summit For AI In Healthcare


Date: March 5-6, 2022

Venue: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Virtual

The Riyadh Global Summit For Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare brought leading AI scientists, Pharma executives, and business leaders from around the world together to explore the potential of AI, machine learning, and deep learning in healthcare.  CEO John Lewis spoke on March 5 about AI-Driven Non-Invasive Diagnostic Tests for Cancer and our ClarityDX platform technology.

Click here for the Event Highlights.

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Symposium


Date: March 4-6, 2022

Venue: Lister Conference Center UofA and Virtual

The Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Student Society (AIMSS) is hosting an in-person/at-home hybrid conference to help inform and educate students on the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the medical field. Dr. Robert Paproski, CTO of Nanostics, will be at the symposium and available to chat about how we use machine learning to diagnose diseases like prostate cancer, bladder cancer, heart disease, and more. Nanostics is proud to be a Silver-level sponsor of this symposium.

Click on the Address Button to learn more and register!

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