Nanostics is Launching ClarityDX Prostate Test in Alberta on September 28


Join us in person to help celebrate this exciting event!

Launch Day! The official launch of our ClarityDX Prostate test in Alberta! Join us to hear from invited speakers and help celebrate this exciting milestone!

When:                  Thursday, September 28th – 4:00 pm to 4:40 pm
Where:                 Edmonton Global – Telus House – Suite 2205, 10020 100 St NW
Host:                     Malcolm Bruce, CEO Edmonton Global
Emcee:                 Reg Joseph, CEO of Health Cities
Parking:               Available in the ATB building parkade.
RSVP:                   To media@nanosticsdx.com to attend.

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CUA 2023


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We’re heading to Montreal for #CUA2023! Go to our booth #60 to chat with Robert PaproskiDesmond PinkColin Coros, and Catalina Vasquez about ClarityDX Prostate, a risk score to predict aggressive prostate cancer.
Dr. Adam Kinnaird will be moderating an e-poster, “Clinical validation of optimized neural network risk models to predict grade group 2 and above prostate cancer and avoid unneeded biopsies”.

Go here to view the poster and post questions, CUA 2023 e-Poster.

Session 9 Oncology (Prostate – Part 2)
Room: Joyce (Level A), 2023-06-25 at 7:35:00
#diagnostics #prostatecancer #machinelearningalgorithms

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Canadian Women’s Network Pathway to Silicon Valley Week


Date: April 17-20
Venue: Silicon Valley

Canadian Women's Network Pathway to Silicon Valley Week

Our COO Catalina Vasquez is attending the Canadian Women’s Network pathway for Silicon Valley, now! For the next 4 days, she’s networking, learning, and building industry connections with investors, plus fellow executives and founders in Silicon Valley. For more info about this program click on the title above.

Canadian Women’s Network Pathway to Silicon Valley Week2023-04-18T20:06:51+00:00

38th Annual EAU Congress


Date: March 10-13
Venue: In-person,  Allianz MiCo, Milano Convention Centre, Milan, Italy

EAU23 is only 1 week away! This is a must-go-to international event dedicated to urology – are you going? Over 4500 abstracts were submitted for EAU23, the third-highest number ever recorded for an Annual EAU Congress.
Hot topics this year include:
Prostate cancer screening and early detection (including imaging), transplant surgery, infections, stones, and major cancers.
Personalized medicine in diagnostics and treatment.
Prostate cancer genomics for practitioners
Men’s health and BPH treatment.
‘Best of EAU’ sessions will be summarised at the end of the congress
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4th Annual AIMSSxGairdner AIHC


4th Annual AIMSSxGairdner AI Healthcare Conference

Date: March 10-12
Venue: In-person, and virtual, The Matrix Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta

The AIMSSxGairdner AI-healthcare conference is coming up soon -March 10-12! Make sure to grab your free tickets: bit.ly/4139b6p
CTO Robert Paproski will take part in a panel discussion about AI in the healthcare industry, plus we will have a booth display so come by and say hello!
Nanostics is proud to be a silver-tier sponsor of this event.
#ClarityDX_Prostate #urology #prostatecancer #diagnostics #precisionmedicine 
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PUA 2023


68th Prairie Urological Association Annual Meeting – PUA 2023

Date: March 03-05
Venue: In-person, Lake Louise, Alberta

COO Catalina Vasquez and CCO Colin Coros are in beautiful Lake Louise for the PUA conference
Catalina Vasquez is presenting ClarityDX Prostate: an accurate way to detect clinically significant prostate cancer.
We are proud to be a scientific program session sponsor for this event.
Please reach out to us by DM to chat about our ClarityDX Prostate test.
#ClarityDX_Prostate #urology #prostatecancer #diagnostics #precisionmedicine 
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Catalina Vasquez and Colin Coros at JPM Week 2023


JPM Week 2023

Date: January 9 to 12
Venue: In-person, San Francisco, CA

COO Catalina Vasquez and CCO Colin Coros are kicking off 2023 by going to San Francisco for JPM week,  Jan 9 to 12!
Please reach out to us by DM to chat about our ClarityDX Prostate test, a more accurate test for detecting the patient’s risk of aggressive prostate cancer.
For more info about #jpm2023 go to: https://lnkd.in/gkACrmv
#prostatecancer #diagnostics #precisionmedicine 
Catalina Vasquez and Colin Coros at JPM Week 20232023-01-06T00:53:33+00:00

Desmond Pink at ISEVxTech


ISEVxTech Conference

Date: November 16 to 18
Venue: In-person, Waikiki Beach Marriot Resort, Honolulu, HI

CSO Desmond Pink is presenting two posters in Session B on Nov 17th. 
1. Qualifying EV Technologies for Regulated and non-Regulated Research
2. Multi-angle flow cytometry illustrates the refractive index complexity
of commonly evaluated biological samples for extracellular vesicle analysis
Desmond Pink at ISEVxTech2022-11-17T06:10:34+00:00


CanPath Webinar with Dr. John Lewis


Webinar: Predicting diseases through machine learning models

Date: Tuesday, November 22. 2022. New date TBD – please check back for updates.
Venue: Online – for more details and to register go to Event Link
Can Machine Learning models predict disease? Dr. John Lewis,  Bird Dogs Chair in Translational Oncology at the University of Alberta,  and CEO of Nanostics will talk about creating disease prediction models using CanPath questionnaire data, to help us understand the global risk factors of diseases like prostate cancer and how these risk factors differ for different populations.


Amii Artificial Intelligence Virtual Seminar Series


What: Nanostics’ CTO Robert Paproski will present “Lessons Learned Developing Predictive Models for Healthcare”

When:  September 2, 12-1 pm MT

Go here to access the zoom link and password (scroll to Sept 2)  https://sites.google.com/ualberta.ca/ai-seminar/upcoming-seminars

Over the past decade, significant interest has developed for using machine learning in medical devices for assisting in the diagnosis and risk prediction of diseases. Many publications have demonstrated promising preliminary results although the path of deploying a predictive model in the clinic is challenging from a technological and regulatory perspective. This presentation will discuss Nanostics’ work developing ClarityDX Prostate, a medical device which predicts clinically significant prostate cancer, including the challenges of obtaining FDA approval. Training predictive models on large, diverse, clinical datasets is vital for developing trustworthy models although obtaining such datasets can be problematic. Potential solutions for working with large clinical datasets will be discussed.



Amii Artificial Intelligence Virtual Seminar Series2022-09-02T06:12:20+00:00
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