What: Nanostics’ CTO Robert Paproski will present “Lessons Learned Developing Predictive Models for Healthcare”

When:  September 2, 12-1 pm MT

Go here to access the zoom link and password (scroll to Sept 2)  https://sites.google.com/ualberta.ca/ai-seminar/upcoming-seminars

Over the past decade, significant interest has developed for using machine learning in medical devices for assisting in the diagnosis and risk prediction of diseases. Many publications have demonstrated promising preliminary results although the path of deploying a predictive model in the clinic is challenging from a technological and regulatory perspective. This presentation will discuss Nanostics’ work developing ClarityDX Prostate, a medical device which predicts clinically significant prostate cancer, including the challenges of obtaining FDA approval. Training predictive models on large, diverse, clinical datasets is vital for developing trustworthy models although obtaining such datasets can be problematic. Potential solutions for working with large clinical datasets will be discussed.