• Quebec-based CDL Laboratories will now offer the validated ClarityDX Prostate risk score to healthcare providers and their patients suspected of having aggressive prostate cancer.
  • ClarityDX Prostate combines biological and clinical information using AI-powered learning to generate a risk score for aggressive prostate cancer.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – May 22 – Nanostics Inc., a precision health company developing diagnostic tests with its ClarityDX® platform technology, signed an agreement with Quebec-based CDL Laboratories (CDL) to expand access to the ClarityDX Prostate® to men and their healthcare providers.

ClarityDX Prostate uses biological data, clinical information, and AI-powered learning models to generate a risk score for aggressive prostate cancer, marking a significant advancement in prostate cancer screening. It provides critical support to men and their healthcare providers in making more informed decisions about whether to proceed with a biopsy or not following a high prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test result.

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