Collection Sites

The ClarityDx Prostate test is currently available in Alberta 
at any Alberta Precision Labs (APL) collection site for $300 with no additional shipping charge.

Before you place your order

Please download and follow the instructions provided in the Requisition Package, which includes the Payment Authorization Form, ClarityDX Prostate Requisition Form, and APL Third Party Requisition Form.

Not in Alberta?

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* Please ensure your province is correct before ordering, as your shipping location must match your selection.


Your sample can be collected at any Alberta Precision Lab collection site (previously known as DynaLIFE) in the province of Alberta.

The requisitioning healthcare provider will receive your ClarityDX Prostate test result within five (5) business days from the time our laboratory receives your blood sample. Your healthcare provider will contact you to discuss your ClarityDX Prostate® test result and options for the next steps regarding your prostate health.

ClarityDX Prostate is currently available as a private pay test and is not covered by Alberta Health. It may be eligible for reimbursement through your employer’s health spending account.