Before you place your order

Please make sure your doctor has filled in the following two forms as described in the Patient Instructions.

Next Steps:

  1. Print the ClarityDX Prostate® requisition form and the DynaLIFE third party requisition form
    • ClarityDX Prostate Requisition Form
    • DynaLIFE Third Party Requisition Form

    Click here to download the forms now

  2. Bring both printed requisition forms to your doctor for them to complete.
  3. Place your order online
  4. Click here to book an appointment at your preferred DynaLIFE/Quebec Precision Laboratories sample collection site, located across Quebec.

Clarity DX Prostate® is a blood-based diagnostic test that provides a risk score based on clinical and biological biomarkers to help patients and their physicians make an informed decision after an elevated PSA test result.